Top 30 Motivational Mental Health Blogs to Read in 2024

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Good mental health is as vital to your wellbeing as physical health, and in our increasingly digital world, blogs have become a valuable resource for support, information, and community. Mental health blogs offer a platform for sharing experiences, advice, and research, helping to break down the stigma around psychological health issues. I appreciate that these blogs offer a unique blend of personal stories and expert insights, giving you diverse perspectives on managing mental health.

Navigating the complexities of mental health can be challenging. No one understands this more than me! You are not alone. Through relatable content and motivational stories, blogs serve as a beacon of hope and a reminder that your feelings are valid even if they seem unmanageable. Whether you’re looking for strategies to cope with stress or seeking to understand a specific mental health condition better, these mental health blogs can equip you with the knowledge and tools to improve your own mental wellness.

Some blogs focus on specific topics like anxiety, depression, or mindfulness, while others may cover a wide array of psychological issues. The informal, personable, and often candid nature of blog content makes absorbing this important information not just educational but also engaging. As you explore the wealth of mental health blogs available, I hope you find a supportive community and a variety of content to help guide you on your journey to better mental health.

Criteria for Selection

When you’re on the lookout for top mental health blogs, your main focus should be on their credibility and the relevance of the content they provide. Here’s a breakdown of the key factors I used to curate this list:

  • Author Credentials: Look for blogs created by licensed therapists or professionals with verified degrees in psychology, psychiatry, or social work. Their insights and advice are more reliable, as they have the experience and knowledge to support your mental health journey.
  • Evidence-Based Content: Effective blogs often reference current research, providing insights into new treatments and therapies for mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, ADHD, and eating disorders.
  • Reader Engagement: Blogs that encourage interaction and provide a sense of community can be a valuable resource. Look for active comment sections, Q&A features, and accessibility through various platforms (including online therapy options, when applicable).
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Ensure that the blog covers a wide range of topics, offering something relevant whether you’re seeking information on a specific diagnosis or general mental wellness tips.
  • Personal Accounts: It’s important to include blogs sharing experiences with mental health from lived experience. You wouldn’t be here with me otherwise!

Keep these criteria in mind when selecting a mental health blog that aligns with your needs and can offer trustworthy guidance.

Top 30 Mental Health Blogs

mental health blog

1. – Looking to start a meditation practice? This blog is full of great content centered around tools that can help you sustain and grow your mindfulness practice. After all, a healthy mind leads to a happy life.


2. Verywell Mind – VeryWell Mind covers over 100 mental health topics, written by over 100 mental health experts, and has over 150 million readers a year! It’s my personal go-to for mental health related content. Boasting information about managing stress to relationships and more, VeryWell Mind makes it easy to navigate content through their A-Z menu. I was thrilled when they feature me as one of 28 Instagram Accounts that Destigmatize Mental Health.


3. The Blurt Foundation Blog – Blurt is a blog dedicated to helping those living with depression. By increasing awareness and understanding around depression Blurt has built a large community and offers truly beneficial content. One of their latest pieces about using acupuncture for anxiety and depression was a great resource for me to send a friend.

4. Infinite Healing and Wellness Blog – Curious about different therapeutic modalities, in particular EMDR? This blog shares insight on many different topics, all written by experts and therapists who practice cutting edge trauma therapy.

5. Tiny Buddha – Offers simple wisdom for our complex lives. Articles covering personal accounts ranging on topics from challenges and change, relationships, mental health, mindfulness and peace. Tiny Buddha is a great blog to find an article that can help you through almost anything.

6. The Mighty Mental Health – Similar to Tiny Buddha, The Might features content from people sharing their real experiences with mental health challenges. I also appreciate that Mighty offers specific focused groups were you can check-in with others who are living with similar mental health challenges or share a common interest.

7. Time to Change Wales – Aims to tackle mental health stigma and encourage open conversations by offering a combination of expert written content and personal stories about mental health. They have also created a great community to tap into and just hosted their annual Time to Talk day on February 1st. The mission of this resource is to end mental health discrimination. I love that!

8. NAMI – The National Alliance on Mental Illness is the gold standard for mental health blogs! The content is endless, specific, clinical, personal, and resourceful. NAMI’s blog is a great place to start your search for mental health resources in your area too! They have local chapters, support groups for those with mental health challenges and for their loved ones.

9. Psych Central – Another staple for mental health blogs, Psych Central offers limitless blog content contributed by experts in their fields. I also appreciate the access to symptom checkers and therapist in your area. Psych Central really focuses on each readers experience by offering so much access to quality content and helpful resource. This is a great place to start your healing journey!

10. Hey Sigmund – Do you have an anxious teenager or child in your life? This is an amazing resource for kids, parents, caregivers, and teachers. The blog is only one part of this resource, it also features helpful video content segmented for kids of different ages, classes and webinars for parents. The blog is full of great tools and resources as well! I am adding this blog to my regular reading material because I am always looking for ways to help my own children through their mental health challenges.

11. The Shrinkspace Blog– This mental health blog for college students offers great information for students and parents alike. In addition to their blog, which covers info about low cost therapy for students, they also offer Welltrack Connect , a resource that helps students connect with therapists in their area that specialize in their specific needs. Such a valuable mental health blog!

12. The Tapping Solution Blog – My favorite meditation app, Tapping Solutions, also has an amazing blog! The articles are written by experts in Tapping. If you don’t know much about this meditation practice, you should! Learn more about tapping and how it impacts your brain here. The blog also features other mental health related information.

13. Anxiety Slayer – Sister to the Anxiety Slayer Podcast, this blog offers amazing content about anxiety. I also love that they’ve formed a community through anxiety specific support classes. I might need to sign up for the health anxiety class myself!

14. Nurtured Well – This blog, written for women by women (and very impressive women who run a therapy practice in Maryland), tackles numerous topics that middle aged women need support with including mental health, menopause and perimenopause. Nurtured Well has also created a community of support for women facing these issues and is offering a retreat this spring. You can register here!

15. Center for Mental Health and Aging – The Center for Mental Health & Aging blog is your “go-to” resource for mental health and aging. Each article contains helpful information to deepen your understanding of aging, mental health in older adulthood, dementia, caregiving, family dynamics, and so much more. I have used these resources as I’ve tackled my mom’s dementia diagnosis in the last few years and have found their information very helpful.

16. The Positivity Blog – Written by Henrik Edberg, this blog offers a wide range of mental health focused content. Additionally, Edberg has created web-based classes focused on building self-esteem and social skills among others.

17. Grateful Living– This blog offers an extensive collection of poetry, music, videos, stories, meditations, research, podcasts, and more is designed to nourish your commitment to living gratefully. Explore content about grief, joy, nature, peace, resilience, trust, and well-being.

18. Self Love Rainbow – What a colorful and happy mental health blog this is! Dominee Calderon offers peer-to-peer support and resources for mental health challenges in a bright and beautiful way. I personally love her newsletter and need to get her 2024 Self-Care Planner in my life too!

19. Mind Journal – Focused on the mental health of men, Mind Journal tackles topics focused on helping men better their mental health. They also sell a set of really great journals for men that would make a great gift!

20. A Lust for LifeMulti-award winning Irish mental health charity based in Ireland that uses content, campaigns and events to facilitate young people to be effective guardians of their own mind – and to be the leaders that drive our society towards a better future.

21. Good Dads – This blog covers it all for men! Mental health, parenting, relationships, and fatherhood development. You can also engage with their content through their podcast and their Good Dads Network.

22. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration – Contributed by experts, therapists, and doctors, SAMHSA is a great resource for those experiencing a co-occurring disorder (mental health and substance abuse at the same time). This blog, and the website as a whole, can connect you with great tools and resources related to substance abuse.

23. SANE Blog – I appreciate the mix of personal stories and expert submissions on this blog. SANE is a blog for people with recurring, persistent or complex mental health issues and trauma, and for their families, friends and communities.

24. The Anxiety Guy – Great for people with health anxiety! Tap into the community through the podcast and through classes offered by the creator Dennis Simsek.

25. Rethink – Rethink shares a range of perspectives from people with lived experience of mental illness and those who care for them. They post updates from our own staff and health and social care professionals as well.

26. Choosing Therapy– Over 250 experts weigh in and over 36 million people turn to for practical, evidence-based guides covering mental health, psychology, relationships, parenting, and more. It’s a great tool, resource, and I love their newsletter!

27. Active Minds– Active Minds was founded 20 years ago, by Alison Malmon when she was a junior at the University of Pennsylvania following the suicide of her older brother, and only sibling, Brian. The blog is just one piece of the resources you’ll find at Active Minds where the content is focused on young adults. They also have local chapters around the U.S. for greater involvement if you want to tap into their community!

28. This is Calmer This blog discusses a wide range of mental health and wellbeing tips and resources from personal accounts and experts as well. Founded by Tania Diggory, this blog lives alongside The Positive Mental Health podcast. Between the blog and podcast, they cover all the mental health topics!

29. Healthy Place– This is an extensive mental health blog that includes additional blogs for numerous mental health conditions. It was a space I went to through my healing journey with PTSD and I think it could be valuable to you as well!

30. Amen Clinics – I am kind of obsessed with Dr. Amen over here and it’s one of my personal goals to go to his new clinic in Phoenix where I live for a brain evaluation, but in the meantime I’ll be loving his blog content. Focused on brain health and mental health, I appreciate the short entries on various topics. Check it out!

This list is by no means complete, but offers a range of perspectives and resources. Each blog presents unique content that can guide you towards a greater understanding of mental health and personal development. Make sure to visit them to find the ones that resonate with you most.

Emerging Trends in Mental Health Blogging

mental health blog

In recent years, interaction with mental health content has been reimagined become more accessible through blog platforms. Mental Health America and the National Alliance on Mental Illness are pivotal in sharing authoritative, peer-reviewed insights, and updated clinical information as well. These platforms, alongside more personal account blogs, are making strides in destigmatizing mental health talk. This is my personal mission here with Still Blooming Me.

You might also notice an uptick in collaborative content, featuring cross-discipline experts. Mental health blogs are utilizing varied narratives, ranging from personal stories to expert advice, to cater to a broad audience. I really appreciate this as it was so difficult to find this kind of supportive content when I was first diagnosed with PTSD in 2016.

The fresh angle these blogs offer is the normalization of seeking help. They underline the idea that mental well-being is as crucial as physical health. It’s becoming common to see multimedia elements like podcasts and video interviews incorporated in blogs, making the information more accessible and relatable.

Remember, these trends aren’t just patterns; they’re part of a broader movement to bring mental health discussions into the open, where you can engage with them in a way that feels informative and personal.

Tips for Maintaining Mental Well-Being

Adopting strategies from mental health blogs can be helpful and transformative for your well-being. The tips are actionable and meant to integrate seamlessly into your daily life.

Integrating advice from featured blogs

It can be overwhelming searching for information on mental health online. That’s why I compiled this list for you! There is so much useful content and specialized information contained in the blogs on this list. From eating disorders to managing holiday stress to tips on raising braver kids and building stronger relationships, I suggest searching for your area of interest specifically and I have no doubt you’ll find the information you seek.

Practical Tips for readers to implement in their daily lives

If you examine and compile information from many mental health blogs, it won’t take log for you to uncover common themes, tips, and resources that can help you heal. Here’s some common themes I’ve uncovered;

  • Stress Management:
    • Schedule 10 minutes of meditation daily to reduce stress levels.
    • Create a stress relief kit with items like stress balls or essential oils.
  • Coping Strategies:
    • Maintain a journal to express your thoughts which can be a powerful coping strategy.
    • Develop a self-care routine; include activities like reading, walking, or hobbies.
  • Faith & Community: If you find strength in spiritual practices, engage with your faith community for additional support networks.
  • Therapy: Finding a therapist who can help you work through  triggers and understand your broader mental health issues is extremely helpful for everyone.

Remember, consistency is key when integrating these tips into your life. Start small and gradually build up to a routine that feels comfortable and beneficial for you.

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Final Thoughts

Mental health blogs offer personal stories and expert advice that provide insight and foster a sense of community. By regularly reading and engaging with these blogs, you gain access to a diverse range of experiences and advice. Mental health challenges can be isolating and lonely and these blogs offer you a way to connect with someone who shares your challenges. I know for me, that has lessened the loneliness I have felt on my journey to healing as well. It’s why I continue to share with you today.

I invite you to explore and interact with the blogs I listed above and here with me too! Whether you’re seeking online therapy options or looking for relatable content, there’s a safe space for you in the blogging community. Your engagement through comments, sharing posts, or even personal story submissions can even support others and really help them on their mental health journey. It’s also a great catalyst for your own growth and healing. Remember, every interaction contributes to a larger movement towards changing societal views and providing a space for honest conversations about mental health.

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Elena Breese

Elena is a Boston Marathon bombing survivor and lives with post-traumatic stress disorder. Through her website, Still Blooming Me, Elena shares how she learned to embrace her trauma and mental challenges, advocate for herself, and grow from her experience. She is passionate about bringing awareness about PTSD and sharing resources that have helped her heal. Elena has contributed to various blogs, podcasts, and speaks publicly.

Elena is a dedicated wife and mother. Her family lives in Phoenix, Arizona.


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