Calm on the Go! 25 Things I Love About Using My CalmiGo for Anxiety

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I’ve been using my CalmiGo for anxiety symptoms for nearly five years now. After I was hospitalized in 2016 and diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, I began searching for natural tools and remedies to help me manage some of my symptoms and that is how I discovered CalmiGo.

CalmiGo is a patented technology-based device that provides immediate drug free relief in moments of anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD.

I keep sharing CalmiGo because it still helps me after all these years. And I keep hearing from you, my followers and readers, that it helps you too! True to my testimony, I only share tools and resources that I have found helpful on my journey to healing my PTSD, and using my CalmiGo has brought me relief over the years in so many situations that I know it’s important to keep sharing.

How Does it Work?

CalmiGo is a multi-sensory device that helps you prolong your exhalation.

It’s so easy to use.

First, remove the device cover.

Second, turn your CalmiGo on.

Third, inhale normally and experience the calming scent on the faceplate. I prefer the lavender scent.

Lastly, exhale through your mouth into the device for as long as you can watching the lights illuminate on the faceplate until you feel the device vibrate. This multi-sensory stimuli is what really makes CalmiGo special!

Continue this process for three minutes, or longer if you need it, as many times a day as you need it too.

CalmiGo uses 3 proven techniques to decrease stress hormone levels by enabling your body to quiet the “anxious” nervous system (sympathetic system) and activating the “calming” nervous system (parasympathetic system): personalized breathing regulation, multi-sensory stimulation, and calming scents.

Who Benefits From Using CalmiGo?

Anyone with anxiety can benefit from using CalmiGo!

I love CalmiGo for anxiety because it’s safe and easy for anyone to use, including children.

When my kids went back to in-person school in 2020, my daughter was extra anxious. Not only was the fallout from COVID fresh in all our minds, but my kids were also going to a new school and all the pressure to make friends, whilst wearing masks, and learning a new school, was too much for her to take. I slipped a CalmiGo into her backpack hoping it could help her. She practiced using it at home so she would be familiar with the device in case anxiety struck at school. When it did, she was prepared to use her CalmiGo device and giving her a tool that empowered her gave me relief too. She has continued to keep her CalmiGo in her backpack just in case an anxious moment comes up.

CalmiGo has also conducted clinical trials with veterans experiencing PTSD symptoms. These studies showed a significant decrease in PTSD and anxiety symptoms over a two week period of daily CalmiGo usage.

Having experienced PTSD and a lot of anxiety myself, and being a CalmiGo user, I can say for certain that this product effectively relieves symptoms of both mental health conditions.

I also love that CalmiGo offers support to users. It’s important to have support when trying something new and CalmiGo works hard to answer questions and concerns, guiding new users through using the device and troubleshooting if needed.

25 Reasons Why I love Using CalmiGo for Anxiety


  1. After 5 years of using it, it still effectively treats my anxiety! Most tools, and even medications, stop working over time and using CalmiGo for anxiety still works for me.
  2. CalmiGo is small and easily fits in my pocket and purse and literally goes everywhere with me without anyone noticing it.
  3. It’s drug-free! I can use CalmiGo for anxiety before driving, caring for my kids, and it doesn’t knock me out like medications do.
  4. CalmiGo is safe for kids to use! My own daughter has used it for years too.
  5. CalmiGo for kidsPTSD has changed my sleep and I wake up often from nightmares. I turn the vibration feature off, so I don’t wake up my husband, and I’ll use the device. It helps me get back to sleep quickly.
  6. I have travel anxiety. I love using my CalmiGo for anxiety before and during flights, especially when it gets bumpy!
  7. Using CalmiGo for anxiety doesn’t give you side effects like other tools do.
  8. I have suffered from anxiety in public places since the bombing. Not a shocker! But with CalmiGo, I can inconspicuously remove myself from the situation for a few minutes to use the device and soon I am back to socializing, eating in a restaurant, or shopping.
  9. Do you hold your breath when you are anxious? I bet you do. CalmiGo helps me regain my breath after anxiety again.
  10. The multi-sensory stimulation really confuses my system and acts similarly to EMDR therapy for me confusing the panic and anxiety, allowing me to move on quicker.
  11. CalmiGo has a grounding effect on me.
  12. CalmiGo stimulates the limbic system with it’s relaxing scents. I appreciate this no mess approach to using scents I love. Essential oils are messy and not always easy to travel with or keep with you on the go.
  13. Who doesn’t love the scent of lavender? It’s my favorite calming scent. CalmiGo also offers peppermint and bergamot if you want to try something different.
  14. CalmiGo empowers me and helps me take control of my anxiety no matter where I am!
  15. You can customize your CalmiGo experience by choosing your custom scent, turning the vibration function off/on, and over time the device calibrates to your breath giving you a personalized experience.
  16. Breathing exercises are great but I think they are hard to concentrate on when I am panicking.  CalmiGo does the work of keeping me on track with my breathing.
  17. Medications for panic attacks take time to work once you’ve ingested them. CalmiGo works within minutes and it doesn’t knock you out or leave you feeling groggy.
  18. CalmiGo offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you find it just isn’t for you.
  19. For less than the price of one therapy session, you can invest in a CalmiGo and keep it with you for relief anytime and anywhere you go!
  20. Not sure if you are using your CalmiGo right? Schedule a one-on-one training call with an expert at your convenience!
  21. You can use your FSA/HSA money to purchase a CalmiGo device.
  22. CalmiGo is available to veterans through VA Clinics. Learn more here!
  23. CalmiGo has a variety of payment plans and offers a 1-year warranty on the device.
  24. CalmiGo was created by Adi Wallach. A fellow sufferer of anxiety, Adi is a visionary and wanted to develop a tool she could use during panic attacks. This is how CalmiGo was born! I know that having the personal experience with anxiety herself helped Adi create a product that truly works. Great work Adi!
  25. I have a discount just for you friends!

Check out CalmiGo here and use code Blooming35 for $35 off your device today!

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Elena Breese

Elena is a Boston Marathon bombing survivor and lives with post-traumatic stress disorder. Through her website, Still Blooming Me, Elena shares how she learned to embrace her trauma and mental challenges, advocate for herself, and grow from her experience. She is passionate about bringing awareness about PTSD and sharing resources that have helped her heal. Elena has contributed to various blogs, podcasts, and speaks publicly.

Elena is a dedicated wife and mother. Her family lives in Phoenix, Arizona.


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