Still Blooming Me

is an inspired space focused on the beauty of healing. We share how painful journeys can lead to deeply restored lives — if given the right care and resources. Thoughtfully gathered, we concentrate on tools that can help you uncover the path forward towards your own personal growth.

Hello — I’m Elena Breese!

Inspirational speaker, wife, mother, and PTSD survivor. Since witnessing the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, I’ve faced a life challenged by PTSD. I have spent the years since healing, finding my new center, and discovering ways to thrive and bloom. You can read more about my story here.

I created this website as a safe space for others suffering from PTSD and I’ve carefully curated resources that helped me in my healing journey. I want you to grow, discover a new sense of peace, and find your way to blooming once again.

Explore my unique resources, blog full of helpful tips, and connect with me to share what has helped you heal too. I’m so glad you’re here and I’m thrilled you’re embarking on a journey of healing.