Healing With Ear Seeds

Friends! I am thrilled to be sharing such a powerful tool with you.

Auriculotherapy, or ear seeding, is an alternative medicine practice that I have been using on myself and my family and friends for the past few years to treat numerous ailments; pain, headaches, sleep issues, PTSD, anxiety, depression, TMJ, ear issues, allergies…you name it!

Ear seeds were introduced to me years ago to prolong the affects of my acupuncture sessions. I fell in love with these powerful little seeds and started researching them more. Last year, I became a certified Ear Seeds practitioner, and I focus on mental health challenges and PTSD treatment protocol.

If you are looking for support and live in the Phoenix area, I have availability Wednesday – Friday weekly.

Click here for more information about ear seeds and the products I use.


“I just had my first experience with Ear Seeds. Elena is so knowledgeable! Before applying them, Elena examined my ears and asked me a few questions. Without my input, she asked if I had neck pain. Yes! Neck pain has been an issue for me for about 2 decades! Elena explained that she could see an area on my left ear that indicated neck discomfort. She applied Ear Seeds on both ears in several areas to treat my neck pain and also anxiety. I had virtually no neck issues while wearing the Ear Seeds… even with traveling, lugging a suitcase, sleeping on different pillows, etc!
They lasted from Friday morning until Wednesday evening. I showered and washed/conditioned my hair every day. The Ear Seeds stayed put! I could feel a little sensation, not discomfort, just noticeable pressure where the ’neck pain’ seeds were applied. My ear felt slightly flushed or hot sometimes. I slept very soundly and had zero anxiety, even with a full day of stressful travel! I’m amazed at the results I saw from my first round of Ear Seeds! Elena knows her stuff! I will definitely be treated again!”
Kristen, Boulder, CO
“I am so lucky to have crossed paths with Elena! Almost 3 years ago I broke a bone in my foot, and unfortunately the injury caused nerve damage and possible CRPS. Searching for relief I went to my pcp, multiple podiatrists, orthopedics and even an anesthesiologist. I got injections, used topicals, did physical therapy, etc and nothing relived the pain.
Elena was kind enough to treat me for the chronic pain using ear seeds. She treated nerves related to my foot, inflammation and also suggested treating my hips. Within 24 hours I felt relief. I felt comfort. And I was able to walk almost 9 miles a couple days after treatment which I hadn’t been able to do in years. I am obsessed with this practice and am forever grateful for Elena introducing me to it and healing me.”
Tracy, Chandler, AZ
“The ear seeds that were applied prior to a lengthy day of travel immediately took effect calming an oncoming anxiety attack. I also suffer from severe motion sickness and the ear seeds combined with various other methods I use to combat motion sickness really helped. They are an easy and comfortable to work with your body during times of stress. I recommend trying ear seeds in combination with any self care rituals”
Hana, Portland, OR